How to Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back - In 3 Simple Steps

Published: 07th September 2009
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A breakup can be one of the hardest things to endure. It can leave you feeling lonely, depressed, and wondering what went wrong. Throughout my life I have been helping people deal with breakups and have been asked many different questions, such as: "How do I get over my ex boyfriend?" or "Will I ever love someone the way that I loved him?" But by far, the most common request I get is "I want to learn how to make my ex boyfriend want me back." This is definitely possible and all it takes is to follow these three simple steps.

The first thing that you must do is to break contact with your ex. I'm willing to bet that you've been calling or texting him and reminding him how much you love him and miss him. This is one of the worst things you can do. It makes you seem needy and dependent, and you don't want him to think this way about you. By not talking to him, you will show him that you can be fine on your own and that he no longer has you wrapped around his finger. This will also give him time to miss you and to see what it's like to not have you in his life. So that means no more calls, texts, emails, visits, or anything of the sort.

The next thing you should do is to figure out what went wrong in the relationship. Did you become too clingy? Were you too bossy? Did you cheat on him? Did he cheat on you? Figuring out what went wrong will help you to correct the mistakes you made in the past.

Finally, make some lifestyle changes that will better yourself both physically and mentally. Start going out with your friends more. Get a new haircut. Get a new wardrobe. Start going to the gym. Your goal is to improve your looks, and to become more independent. Doing these things will make you much more attractive to him.

Now its time for you to find a way to run into him. Show him the new you. Make him realize what he's missing out on. And when you do see him, make sure you don't give in to him right away. Play hard to get. Make yourself seem busy or not very interested in him at first. Let him chase you! Let the relationship build naturally like it did in the beginning. After all, he fell in love with you once...why can't it happen again?

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